Dungog Men and Women who Served in WWI

To commemorate the centenary the Historical Society has been researching and obtaining the numbers and full names of the men and one woman who are on the 14 Honour Boards in Dungog and nearby areas. Some 66 men with Dungog connections served at Gallipoli. In the case of those men, details of their service records have also been obtained from their Attestation papers on the National Archives website, as well as other information from newspapers. There are some 336 names and all except 21 have been identified. 

If you have any information about the men below, please contact us.

A small number of the initials on the Boards are incorrect and the initials provided below may not be correct or are based on a nickname. The names are:

  • Atkins N Pte
  • Bailey S Pte
  • Britt A Pte (KIA) – no A Britt on embarkation lists or other sources
  • Cave Frank Pte Dingadee
  • Chamberlain J Pte
  • Coleman C Pte
  • Evan E Pte
  • Finlay D
  • Finlay H –or FB?
  • Tpr., Hansen T Pte (possibly a former Manager of the Angus & Coote store, Dungog)
  • Luff or Laff J
  • Mate F Pte
  • McCarthy J (possibly 7509)
  • Parr R Pte
  • Piper S Pte
  • Robinson T Pte
  • Robson G Pte
  • Sellick O Pte (No O Sellick in Attestation Papers)
  • Smith AP Pte
  • Smith C T Pte
  • Whipp J Pte